佐久間あすか(ピアニスト・作編曲家・音楽教育家) 旧姓、松本あすか。



イタリア国営テレピ「ゼッキノドオロ」メインゲストとして招待を受け渡伊、生放送にて演奏(8歳)。 その後ヨーロッパを中心に演奏旅行、各国で好評を得る。

ウィーン音楽コンクールインジャパン小学生の部第3位(12歳)。 14歳でソロリサイタルを府中の森芸術劇場にて開催。

日本クラシック音コン中学校の部第2位(15歳)。 カール・ツェルニー国際コンクール(プラハ)第3位(16歳)。ビティナコンチェルト部門最優秀賞。







Asuka Sakuma(Matsumoto) (Pf./Comp./Arr.)

She had been influenced by her mother who has studied singing and her older sister who was learning to play piano before her.

It was not anything special for her to start learning to play piano at the age of three.

Not only in Japan but also in the world, she has got excellent results at a number of music competitions since she was a child.

Having appeared on television in Italy at eight, she kept traveling all over the world to perform and has gained public favor in each country.

Having given the first solo recital at twelve years old, she has visited Britain at the invitation of Eaton College.

She has had a great reputation that led her to play together with British orchestra at fourteen.

She started studying Jazz / Pops at eighteen leaving classic piano behind to study wide range of music.

She has done various things next five years.

For instance, she has done artists’ support of different genres, writing lyrics, composing, Jazz arrangements for classical musicians and so on.

At the age of 23, she was convinced of her involvement with Classical music and went back to her starting point, Classic piano.

She played a piece of a remarkable Russian pianist, Kapustin at national music competition and had won the best prize.

She has a very unique performing style which inspires grooves with Classical music.

Also, her music never set in a frame of Classical music and it beyond music genres.

Her music reminds the listeners of the new impressions and sensations.

She has certainly been considered to be the pianist in the hope of playing active parts in the future.